Meal 1 – Pasta with Sausage and Fennel


A down to earth pasta dish that will easily feed two famished people. All the ingredients that you need to create this meal come in a convenient and compact paper bag. Each ingredient is packed separately and the simple to follow cooking instructions make it Childs play to prepare.

It is a no mess, no fuss, time saving winner that takes 20 to 30 minutes to cook and will stop you from living on take-away and convenience foods.

The smell and aroma as you cook it will make you want it and when you take your first bite you will fall in love with it. This will be the one where you will definitely  be looking for seconds. “Buon Appetito”

Ingredients (which come ready to use in the bag)

Sausage Meat (227 grams)

Sausage Meat (227 grams)

Sausage Meat (227 grams)
Pork 129.39grams 57%
Energy 728kcal
Protein 19.98grams 8.8%
Fat 64.8grams 28.5%
Saturates 24grams 10.6%
Sugar 0.8grams 0.4%
Salt 4.8grams 2.1%

Fusilli Pasta (250 grams)

Fusilli Pasta (250 grams)

Fusilli Pasta (250 grams)
Durum Wheat
Energy 895kcal
Protein 30grams 12%
Fat 5grams 2%
Saturates 0grams 0%
Sugar 10grams 4%
Salt 0grams 0%

White Wine (100mls) & Lemon Juice (5mls)

White Wine (100mls) & Lemon Juice (5mls)

White Wine (100mls)
Alcohol 5.5% vol
Energy 70kcal
Protein 0grams 0%
Fat 0grams 0%
Saturates 0grams 0%
Sugar 0grams 0%
Salt 0grams 0%
Lemon Juice (5mls)
Energy 1.5kcal 0% (trace)
Protein 0grams 0% (trace)
Fat 0grams 0% (trace)
Saturates 0grams 0% (trace)
Sugar 0.1grams 0%
Salt 0grams 0% (trace)

Crushed Fennel Seeds and Chilli

Crushed Fennel Seeds and Chilli

Dried Chilli Flakes (5grams)
Crushed Fennel Seeds (15grams)

Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Oregano

Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Oregano

Oregano (2grams)
Sea Salt (2grams)
Freshly Ground Black Pepper (2grams)


Cooking items required

Medium sized saucepan

Frying Pan or Wok

Cooker Ring


Olive oil



Grated Parmesan


Large dessert spoon

Forks for digging into a wonderful aromatic culinary triumph


Basic Cooking Requirements

Basic Cooking Requirements


Cooking Instructions

Note: Overall timings as stated below are max and could be less depending on the sequencing that you have adopted.

IMGP1017In a medium pot bring 1litre of Water to a fast boil





IMGP1020add a good pinch of salt.





IMGP1021Add Bag 1 (Fusilli Pasta) and stir immediately.






IMGP1027Once the water comes back to the boil simmer for approx. 15mins until the pasta is cooked but still has a little bite to it.





IMGP1051Remove approx. 100mls of the pasta water and set aside for later.





Drain the remaining water from the pasta

While the water is heating and  pasta is cooking;

IMGP1028Heat a tablespoon (20mls) of olive oil in a pan (if you prefer you can use a low fat alternative) &





IMGP1034add Bag 2 (Sausage Meat).





IMGP1039Flatten the meat slightly into a rough patty shape (if sausage meat sticks to spoon push same off and into pan using spatula),





IMGP1040cook for 4 mins or until it starts to brown.





IMGP1041Turn the meat over and add the contents of Bag 3 (Crushed Fennel Seed and Chilli) to the sausage meat.





IMGP1044Begin to break the sausage meat with a spoon (or edge of plastic spatula) so it resembles a rough mince, continue to stir and

mix in the Fennel Seed for 10 mins or until the meat is golden brown and becoming crispy.




IMGP1052Add Bag 4 (Oregano, Salt and Pepper) to the sausage meat stir well and fry for 1 min






Hold Bag 5 (White Wine and Lemon Juice) by one corner  then cup bag in hand and snip off corner you held with a scissors





IMGP1055Add Bag 5 (White Wine and Lemon Juice) stir well and





IMGP1057cook until all the liquid has evaporated.





IMGP1059Add the pasta to the sausage meat.





IMGP1061Add half of retained pasta water and





a knob of butter (around a heaped teaspoon – to make the dish milder add more butter as desired).

IMGP1068Mix well over a low heat for 2 mins until the butter has melted and all the pasta is lightly coated





IMGP1077Divide between two bowls and serve with grated parmesan on top if desired.


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