Product Launch Day – 18th Oct 2014

The Product Launch Day for the team went with a bang.


Harry who helped with setting up tables, chairs and anything we asked for

Laura for organising the facilities, advertising the sale days for us and for all the advice she gave us

Maebh for helping us out on the day

Students Union and NCI for allowing us to put up posters and giving us the use of NCI premises

The team put in lots of hard work leading up to the launch and on the morning of the sale they were ready to SELL, SELL, SELL.


l to r: Andrew McCann, Kasia Medynska, Alan Mulligan and Joe Thompson

20141018_131400Sales were slow at first 20141018_131338





20141018_131351but with Andrew on the case the sales started to happen.











Our first satisfied Customer (Thanks Frank:)






More Customers came to sample our wears and give us advice.






Alan kept replenishing the samples from his Mum’s Food Warming Tray (aren’t Mums the best – thanks Mrs Mulligan)




More and more people wanted to taste the Culinary Masterpiece






More happy Customers with smiles and our Product in their hands.




Thanks Ann




Best of Luck with the Management course Brendan












Thanks Neil



A big


to all of you  (make sure to lets us know how you get on).


We eventually finished up at 04.30pm (after starting at 10am) and had made 25 out of 90 sales (BLOOMIN’ BRILLANT).

We learnt a lot that day both from the folks that purchased and sampled the goods as well as some novice set up lessons:

A lot of people wanted a Vegetarian Dish (No Meat Dish)

Details provided with the bags on the ingredients so that people could see if they might be allergic to same

How to enhance the website slider photo (thanks Eugene)

Having a less spicy dish version (heavy on the old spices Alan)

Having photos on line showing how the dish is cooked

Having paper to record sales

Having a float in place

Having plenty of sample cups and forks/spoons

Having a notice showing the cost per unit

Having the name of the website on the bag

Making sure that the labels will stick to the bag

Keeping the sausage meat chilled

Providing a call back service so that people coming to the building did not have to take product till they were leaving for the day

 All in all a successful day



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